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Welcome to EZ-MENTOR, where we redefine the path to project success.

Our ethos is grounded in the belief that every IT manager can excel with the right guidance and tools.
EZ-MENTOR stands not just for 'easy mentor' but symbolizes a commitment to clarity, tailored mentorship, and professional training.
We empower IT managers to navigate the complexities of project delivery with confidence and efficiency.
Our promise is simple yet profound: to help you do the right things in the right way, the first time.
Join us in transforming your project management journey into a seamless and successful experience.

Our approach simplifies achieving successful project goals, enhancing skills in DevOps, SDLC, VSM, Industry 4.0 & more.

Led by Yoram Michaeli, our experience & methodology streamlines complex projects for effectiveness and efficiency guaranteeing on-time on-budget full planned scope delivery.

With over 100 years of combined technological expertise, & personal successful 30 years of projects delivery, EZ-MENTOR will survey your project for all the potential inherited & future professional and managerial flows.

This useful paid survey will give you external point-of-view including potential risks. The survey will suggest risk-free proper project setup and solutions.

Did you know that Only 0.5% of IT projects are truly ‘successful’?
The statistics regarding the success rates of IT projects are based on a report by McKinsey & Company. This report found that only 0.5% of IT projects meet all three key measures of success: staying within budget, being completed on time, and delivering the intended benefits​​


Our mission is to provide clear project vision, tailored mentorship, professional training & services, empowering IT managers for effective and efficient project delivery


To do the right things in the right way the first time

Our Services

Advantages for Customers


Streamlined Project Management

Simplifying complex tasks for on-budget, on-time full scope planned delivery


Enhanced Skill Sets

Expertise in key tech areas for improved project outcomes


Customized Solutions

Tailored to your unique business needs


Project auditing

ensures free potholes project progress, saving time, money & disappointment


Focused Leadership

Developing skills for better team coordination


Resource Efficiency

Optimize time and resources, reducing extensive training needs

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